Why Teller Automation?

The bank branch is the centre of the customers’ banking relationship; teller cash recycling is the centre of the effective bank branch, in order to develop closer customer relationships.

Teller cash recycling impacts many areas of the bank branch, enabling financial institutions to focus on service excellence together with increasing customer engagement whilst still reducing cost.

  • Improve teller productivity and eliminate staff costs for repetitive low-value tasks

  • Have the right number of staff, at the right place and right time in the branch to service customers quickly and efficiently

  • Optimise cash flow within the branch to drive down back office operational time and cost

  • Improve the sales effectiveness of tellers in order to increase branch revenue and profitability

  • Comply with bank policies and procedures and enhance process and audit control.

  • Improve the overall experience for customers when they visit the branch

Vertera 6G ™

The global standard in cash recycling technology

The Vertera 6G teller cash recycler represents a significant evolution in teller automation technology, enabling financial institutions to focus on service excellence and increasing customer engagement whilst still managing operating cost. Our sixth generation solution, the Vertera 6G delivers a simple, flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses the real needs of customers and staff.

Vertera 6G and the Glory experience, expertise and know-how, deliver a comprehensive, integrated, enterprise-wide solution, addressing many of the most pressing demands of the modern bank branch and their customers.

Total Solution Provider

More than just a “box seller”, Glory provides all the capabilities required to successfully design, deploy and deliver the benefits of Teller Cash Recycling.

Our unique blend of technical expertise, manufacturing excellence and outstanding customer support, combine to focus on the reduction of cost through efficient cash handling processes to ensure the optimisation of teller and branch operations. This in turn allows staff to focus on customers, and total performance is significantly improved.

At Glory, we are continually working with our customers to design, develop, and deploy solutions appropriate to both the immediate and future needs of the marketplace. A significant portion of our total revenue is reinvested in market research, engineering research and development, and customer application development. The Vertera 6G is the latest result of these efforts.

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